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    San Diego Chiropractic & Healing Center

    "After flying to La Jolla from New Jersey, I was referred to Dr. Ackerman by the Deepak Chopra Center. My fibromyalgia was so severe, I could barely walk a block without having to sit and rest. After two weeks of treatment, I was running again, up to 4 miles per day. One year later I’m still symptom free!"
    Christine Purdie, Madison, NJ

    Past Chiropractor for...

    • The "New Orleans Saints" & "The Delta Festival Ballet Company"

    • National Body Building and Martial Arts Title Holders

    • Professional, Amateur, and Collegiate Athletes from most Sports Backgrounds

    Choosing an excellent chiropractor is not easy.  The variation in skill level and expertise is quite vast in our field.  Think of the difference between the best and most intuitive massage therapist you've ever had, and the poorest massage experience you've ever had -- the spectrum is quite large -- even though a massage certification may be obtained in a matter of months.  In chiropractic medicine, where skill and knowledge takes many more years to acquire, the difference between doctors is much greater than you can imagine. Take time to look into the biography of the chiropractic physician you are considering, and obtain consultations from more than one to compare their approaches.  If you do not obtain very satisfactory results within the first three weeks of care from one doctor, try another chiropractor and see if a different approach and different skill set will give you a significantly better outcome.

    What Makes Our Chiropractic Clinic Unique & The Best Healing Experience You'll Ever Have!

    Chiropractic Sessions are a Minimum of 25-30 Minutes in LengthSan Diego, CA chiropractor near me

    Most offices offer only 5 to 15 minute sessions directly with the doctor

    Our Prices are About One Half of the Usual and Customary Fees!

    We also have easy monthly payment plans if you have a
    high deducitble insurance policy!  AUTO ACCIDENTS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS 100% COVERED BY INSURANCE!

    Professional Sports Medicine Level Expertise in Extremity Injuries (Shoulders-Arms-Hips-Knees-Feet)

    Dr. Ackerman has taught clinical adjustive techniques, had the honor of being published in a textbook on Chiropractic Therapy, and graduated valedictorian with top honors from the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago.  His cutting-edge techniques often relieve most of your pain in the first treatment, and make your goal of lasting relief quicker to obtain!

    Spinal Decompression Disc Therapy  --  In-office Physiotherapy

    Our office offers the least expensive spinal decompression available!
    99% of Disc Problems and Herniations can be treated without surgery!

    Personalized In-Depth Treatments, Never an Assembly Line Approach!

    You've probably never experienced a more thorough examination, more effective in-depth treatment, and a more skilled and caring doctor.  In each session you receive chiropractic therapy, massage and myofascial release, stress & emotional healing, and new theraputic exercises as needed for home use.  Nutritional counseling may also be part of your treatment.

    San Diego, CA chiropractic officeSan Diego, CA chiropractic officeSan Diego, CA chiropractic office



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    "I've had disabling lower back pain for over 15 years, and an orthopedic surgeon finally recommended back surgery for several of my herniated discs.   After 3-4  weeks of care with Dr. Ackerman, my pain left and has never returned.  My podiatrist and holistic health practitioner also became patients of his!"
                                                                                               Nicole Eskow, San Diego, CA


    Chiropractic & Auto Injury

    San Diego, CA chiropractic auto injury

    Chiropractic is a natural, proven method of diagnosing and treating auto accident injuries.


    Common Symptoms

    San Diego, CA chiropractic symptoms

    Learn more about the symptoms after a car crash. Chiropractic can help you make a full recovery.


    Sports Injuries

    San Diego, CA sports chiropractic

    We provide effective relief of sports injuries to help you get back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.



    Winner of Fox 6 News "2011Top Doctors & Dentists Award"