San Diego Chiropractic & Healing Center

About Us

Dr. Michael Ackerman, D.C. has been a Chiropractor for...

  • The "New Orleans Saints" & "The Delta Festival Ballet Company"
  • National Body Building and Martial Arts Title Holders
  • Professional, Amateur, and Collegiate Athletes from most Sports Backgrounds

What Makes Our Chiropractic Clinic Unique
& The Best Healing Experience You'll Ever Have!

Chiropractic sessions are a minimum of 30 minutes in length

Most offices offer 5 to 15 minute sessions directly with the doctor

Our prices are about one half of the usual and customary fees!

1/2 hour sessions as low as $49.00 (most offices 5-15 min sessions are $55-$125) We have easy monthly payment plans if you have a high deducitble insurance policy!  Auto accidents are almost always covered at 100%.

Professional Sports Medicine Level Expertise in Extremity Injuries (Shoulders-Arms-Hips-Knees-Feet)xpertise also in extremity injuries (shoulders-arms-hips-knees-feet)

Dr. Ackerman has taught clinical adjustive techniques, had the honor of being published in a textbook on Chiropractic Therapy, and graduated valedictorian at the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago.

Spinal Decompression Disc Therapy  --  In-office Physiotherapy

Our office offers the least expensive spinal decompression available!
99% of Disc Problems and Herniations can be treated without surgery!

Personalized in-depth treatments, never an assembly line approach!

You've probably never experienced a more thorough examination,  more effective in-depth treatment, and a more caring doctor.

San Diego, CA chiropractic officeSan Diego, CA chiropractic officeSan Diego, CA chiropractic office