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Insomnia - 8 Things You Can Do to Sleep Better

I really recommend the following article for general suggestions which can help insomnia. I also offer patients and healing clients tools for reducing stress and clearing the mind which are very effective at helping to relieve the daily stored stress which interferes with a good night's sleep.  If you wish to learn more, please don't hesitate to ask ;-)


Written By : Dr. James Pendergraft       

So have you already checked your clock for at least three times in the last fifteen minutes? It is already past two o'clock in the morning and you have to wake up in the morning at seven for going to work. You have tried all your ways or tactics for getting sleep, but there is something between that fourth cup of tea that you just had and the life stresses that is keeping you up. What is to be done in such circumstances?

The first and the foremost thing for anybody who is suffering with this problem is "NEVER GIVE UP." If you look at it more closely, the main issue is that your mind is preoccupied with something that is holding or refraining you from resting. This can include anything from stress to a distracting or disturbing sound or even your concerns about how late it is getting. Here is a list of some of the things that can be done which will help in inducing sleep:

Picture a Scene: Try to focus yourself to any particular image and imagine yourself in familiar surroundings. The best way to start using this is by visualizing yourself moving in and around your own room. Just check how much of it can be remembered clearly by you. If you feel visualizing your own bedroom is too easy then try creating an image of your room to walk through. You can repeat this everyday by building your own imaginary mansion which you can surely improve during the passage of time.

Breathing: You should try focusing on your breathing habits. You should breathing consciously and get to a particular count of in and out. This will collectively offer you with two advantages of focusing your mind and also relaxing you physically.

Self Dialog: It is not a hard fast rule to have imaginary friends just for kids. You can always make up your own characters and try initiating a conversation with this imaginary character. This will help in focusing on the flow of thoughts. This method will be useful in distracting you from all the stress and tensions.
Daily Review: If you are really getting restless, begin reviewing your previous day. Where would you like things to improve and what accomplishments you were able to make. But if you are awake due to certain kind of specific stresses, avoid carrying out this practice. But it can really prove to be beneficial if your day has really gone normally.

Visualize a Goal: Spend some quality time thinking about the goals that you want to achieve in your life. If you are going through major financial crisis, spend some time thinking of being wealthy. If your current thought process involves getting into a relationship, try visualizing about the partner you would want in life. Avoid thinking about unfinished work, or writing a book. If you are forcefully doing this, might as well think about things that make you feel good.

Plan ahead: Visualize your next day from beginning to end and how perfect you would want it to be. Imagine you getting up with complete energy and getting the entire work done. This can help you calm down and prepare yourself for a better tomorrow.

Mental studying: If you are taking a course about certain new subject, make use of insomnia for acing out the next text. Pick up one random topic and link it further to the next topic which has also been picked up randomly. Now try linking all of these, it will actually turn out to be good fun.

Keep your eyes open: Try keeping your eyes open as far as possible and blink only when necessary. You can probably let your brain think about all the boring lectures where it was practically impossible to keep your eyes open.

All of these will help your brain or mind to get tired and as a result help you in a good night's sleep.     


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