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Over the last several decades, ideas have changed quite a bit regarding how best to workout in a way that will promote the most cardiovascular fitness and total fat loss.  It used to be thought that low level, steady state exercise at the bottom of the margin of our aerobic training range (e.g. 65% of our maximum training heart rate for our age) would burn the most fat.  It was believed that staying within such a completely "aerobic" range would result in the maximal use of oxygen by our muscles to ideally burn fat most efficiently.  Conversely, it was also believed that exercising at higher heart rates involving more  of an "anerobic" training range would incur more oxygen debt -- i.e., more breathlessness -- resulting in proportionately more and more substitution of carbohydrates to be burned instead of purely fats, since fats require oxygen to be burned and carbohydrates can be burned without oxygen.

Recent research, however, has begun to change these concepts in exercise.  Interval training, inserted in the middle of lower level steady state activity, has been shown to boost fat burning significantly.  Additionally, resistance exercise, at the level which induces a muscle "burn" feeling thereafter, also increases the amount of fat loss during exercise. The proper addition and combination of such mixed training modalities can increase fat loss up to 10 times the amount achieved by many forms of traditionally recommended exercise.

Thus, circuit training and the use of cardio conditioning interspersed with bursts of high intensity exercise are growing more popular now for an even wider population of fitness enthusiasts... not only are athletes who wish to condition for particular sports competition continuing to engage in them, but now joining those athletes are individuals whose goals are to achieve weight loss and better overall health and physical fitness.

*  Interval training does put a much greater strain on the heart, so be careful to begin such programs very gradually, and only on the advice of your physician. *

Below are two links: one is an excellent article on this new exercise model, and the other is a link to a website that will give you an introduction on to how to employ this exercise method to immediately begin getting great exercise results for maximal fat burning and weight loss ...





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