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"After flying to La Jolla from New Jersey, I was referred to Dr. Ackerman by the Deepak Chopra Center. My fibromyalgia was so severe, I could barely walk a block without having to sit and rest. After two weeks of treatment, I was running again, up to 4 miles per day. One year later I’m still symptom free!"
                                                                                            Christine Purdie, Madison, NJ


"Very unique healer on multiple levels. Dr. Ackerman is a medical gem hidden in a nondescript building on Torrey Pines Road. His healing modalities are unlike anything I've experienced or heard of with other medical practitioners. He has developed an uncanny sense of intuition about the connections between thoughts, emotions and health that gives him a great advantage in solving issues rather than just managing symptoms. I'm fairly rational and "left brained". Seeing what Dr. A can tap into and how accurate his non-traditional healing techniques are has given me solid evidence that there is a much bigger picture related to total health than traditional western medicine accepts. That being said, he is very gifted in a traditional chiropractic sense as well. His understanding of the mechanics of the body are top notch. He has helped me thoroughly with my two primary issues which are quite disparate: achilles tendonitis and an occasional sharp "TMJ" pain around one ear. He has a brisk practice with a lot of patients; in my passing interactions with them - it seems like everyone is excited about what he is doing for them and happy with his service. Finally, he's just a nice and considerate person."

                                                         Justin Beattie, Commercial Realtor, Carlsbad, CA


Several reviews on Dr Ackerman's Google page say that he is "amazing."  I would have to agree. I went to Dr. Ackerman for frozen shoulder-extremely painful-and he had me moving my arm freely after only a few sessions.  I had previously had a frozen shoulder on the opposite side and I went through physical therapy for three or four months before I obtained the same relief.  At the same time, Dr. Ackerman gave me a complete examination and informed me that the "neuropathy" in my feet was actually muscle atrophy and could be cured.  Great news!!  

Dr. Ackerman is extremely conscious of the emotional as well as physical causes of bodily maladjustments. He must be psychic in the ways that he finds the underlying causes of problems that other doctors simply ignore.  I am very pleased with my progress under Dr. Ackerman's care and I have recommended him to both family and friends.

                                                                         Starr S., Attorney, retired, San Diego, CA


"Dr. Ackerman is a truly amazing healer that has changed my life! I was lucky enough to find him after 6 months of unsuccessful treatment by 2 other chiropractors and physical therapy rehab after a car accident. Dr. Ackerman did the most comprehensive examination of ANY doctor, including the hospital staff immediately following my accident. He found the real problems and has been treating me for a few months now. I'm finally having excellent results!  I only wish I'd started seeing him originally and not wasted my time with the other doctors. I simply cannot recommend him strongly enough to anyone who will listen!"
                                                    Alix Deyling, Interior Design Consultant, Del Mar, CA


Dr. Ackerman helped me move through extremely difficult phases of my life.  He's not only an incredible chiropractor whose work has relieved my back discomfort and sciatica issues, but he is a wonderful caring healer.  He's one of the most powerful intuitives that I have ever worked with before.  The intuitive healing combined with the chiropractic work is an incredible combination that I have not found anywhere else.  The physical and the emotional are addressed at the same time through his sessions.  Also, he is very affordable, which I really appreciate.  I highly recommend his work.

                                                                                               Karyn Y., J.D., Pasadena, CA



"I've had disabling lower back pain for over 15 years, and an orthopedic surgeon finally recommended back surgery for several of my herniated discs.   After 3-4  weeks of care with Dr. Ackerman, my pain left and has never returned.  My podiatrist and holistic health practitioner also became patients of his!"

                                                                                           Nicole Eskow, San Diego, CA


"I am a yoga instructor and personal trainer.  I started having major back pain and was referred to Dr. Ackerman by a friend, the best referral I have ever had.  He has truly helped me so much.  I rarely feel any pain anymore.  He is honest, friendly, and professional.  He has the patience of a saint because I can be a bit stubborn, but if you follow his advice and do what he tells you it truly works! I am very pleased and am sure that you will be!  Thanks Doc!”

                                              Stephanie Pafford, Owner Akasha Yoga Studio, La Jolla, CA


"Dr. Ackerman is far and away the best chiropractor I have been to and the numerous people I have recommended to him have all been blown away by his healing abilities. One friend of mine had pain in his shoulder for over two years and no doctor or clinic could fix it -- even pain medication did not help.  I suggested he see Dr Ackerman and he did that day.  He told me later that after one treatment the pain was gone for the first time in over two years!”

 Michael Mollenhauer, Author/Healer, Past C.F.O. Brigantine Corporation, San Diego, CA


"After my first session with him I felt immediate relief in my back pain. In fact, I sort of felt high leaving his office. A good high. Each visit that I had with him would elicit almost euphoric feelings from the adjustments. What I really enjoyed about the visits was Michael's attentiveness to my well being and taking the time to explain everything that I was experiencing and feeling. I appreciated that. He takes his job seriously, while pouring his heart and soul into the sessions. You'll see what I'm talking about when you visit him. His fees are incredibly low for the services he provides, about $45.00 I think for a half hour -- so you better take advantage of them before he realizes that he should raise his prices! I have been to a lot of chiropractors, and no one compares to Dr. Michael."

                                                                                         Jason Moffatt, La Jolla, CA
See Jason's beautiful blog post regarding our office...


"I lived with pain for two months after an accident where I fell and fractured my ribs, leaving me with difficulty breathing and pain when I raised my left arm.  Using chiropractic treatment and his unique healing methods, Dr. Ackerman took all of my pain away in 2 treatments."

                                                          Athena Masters, M.S., L.M.F.T., San Diego, CA 


"I walked into Dr. Ackerman's office with a broken heart from a cheating spouse, which literally felt like living with the pain of a constant heart attack.  With just one session, Dr. Ackerman released all of the negative feelings, showing me the "light" within, and teaching me the connection between the power of inner healing and my spine and body.  He is the real deal', a 'dream package': integrity, knowledge, heart and soul, passion, compassion, and extraordinary techniques!  I owe him more than words can express."

                                                                      Irene A. Lee, PH.D., La Jolla, CA


"In addition to decreasing the frequency & intensity of my migraine headaches, on one notable occasion he took away painful back spasms that had been bothering me for several days, while talking to me on my cell phone during my son's soccer game!"

                                                             Michelle L., M.D., Internal Medicine, La Jolla, CA


"For me, Dr. Ackerman has bridged the gap between the scientific and intuition.  And, in my opinion, Dr. Ackerman achieves this synergy on a daily basis.  For over 15 years as a tennis professional, I sought out medical attention for the host of issues that occur in the mind and body of a professional athlete. I visited chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, orthopedic specialists, physical therapists, and more, on 4 continents. Competing in over 135 matches per year certainly took its toll, and at the end of my career, a decade ago, my body was devastated. The list of ailments included: • Achilles tendonitis • Parathesias in both arms (tingling down the front of both arms, resulting from neck issues) • Major right shoulder problems • Cramping in my  calves • Atrial fibrillation • Chronic lower back issues • Mild depression.  One year ago, a friend recommended Dr. Ackerman, and although I was a bit skeptical, Dr. Ackerman has been able to relieve almost all of my issues.  I am now able to run regularly and play tennis, and I am no no longer taking any medication for my Atrial Fibrillation...  Perhaps the most impressive part of Dr. Ackerman's treatments is  his ability to assess his patient's problems intuitively and then make corrections scientifically.  He is able to sense the limits within his patient's consciousness and free them from the psychological patterns that are hampering their bodies. I highly recommend Dr. Ackerman."

                                           Brett Dickenson, Tennis Pro, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club


"For many years, I had suffered extreme pain in my left arm which I could barely move. After months of physical therapy and seeing no improvement, my former orthopedic surgeon recommended that I undergo surgery to fix the situation.  Wanting to avoid surgery as much as possible, I decided to see Dr. Ackerman who came highly recommended.  After a couple of weeks of visiting with him, I gradually saw signs of improvement and not that long after that, I was able to move my left arm again....Yes, I realized that I was healed !  Not only is he a gifted chiropractor but he is also a warm and caring human being.  I was so happy with his service that I referred my husband, father and neighbors to him.  Thank you Dr. Ackerman for all you have done for me!"

                  N. O'Donnell - MBA/Business Owner / Healing Practitioner, San Diego, CA


"Before seeing Dr. Ackerman, my family doctor was treating my back pain with pain killers and anti-inflammitory medications.  I noticed that I felt great when I took the medications, but after they wore off my pain felt 10 times worse causing me to take more and more of them.  I became dependent on meds and I new in my heart that this was not the life I wanted to live. I was miserable!!  I felt unhealthy, unhappy, depressed, and guilty for letting my addiction control me. After just a couple treatments with Dr. Ackerman I already felt a dramatic improvement!!  I not only felt better physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. This new outlook on life gave me the courage and strength to overcome my addiction."
                                                                                     Larissa L., Age 21, San Diego, CA


"I rarely drink to excess, but this one morning I came into Dr. Ackerman’s office after my girlfriend’s birthday party with a smashing hang-over and headache that I rated as an ‘8’ in intensity on a ‘0-10’ scale.  I didn’t believe he could do it but he got my headache down to "0" using only his energy healing work!"

                                                      Lauren K., Restaurant Manager, San Diego, CA


"We have had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Ackerman for the past six months for both chiropractic care and emotional healing. We have both experienced tremendous improvement in our range of motion and flexibility! We are truly "pain free". We have also experienced an awesome improvement in our emotional well being. Dr. Ackerman is honest, friendly and caring. He treats the body, emotions, and spirit as one. It is our experience that as we continue working with him, our spines stay in proper alignment for longer periods of time. Also, as we continue to heal emotionally, we experience increased levels of mental clarity and awareness. We would both like to express our gratitude to Dr. Ackerman for enriching our lives! We wholeheartedly recommend his chiropractic and emotional healing services to all!"

                                                                                   John & Susan H., Oceanside, CA



"I was lying in the hospital in Intensive Care with 4 broken ribs, immediately following an automobile accident. Despite severe pain, being a Christian Scientist, I would not accept any pain medication. I was so grateful for the help from Dr. Ackerman, who amazingly was able to completely take my pain away -- over the phone."

                                                            Kimberly Schulz, Minolta, San Diego, CA


"One day I was having severe menstrual cramps and I just happened to mention that years ago I used to feel relief by having my puppy lie on top of my stomach. Using emotional release techniques, in just a few minutes Dr. Ackerman magically took all my pain away without even touching me... I had to admit he did even better than my puppy!"

                                                Angela Scrivano, Real Estate Marketing, San Diego, CA


"In January 2015 I was in auto accident that caused damage to my neck. I had an MRI and X-rays done, showing that I had several bulging discs in the cervical area. For several months I visited several different doctors in hope of some relief. From spine specialists to several different pain management doctors. All with their own different healing theories and modalities. All the while prescribing heavy anti-inflammatory drugs with muscle relaxers topped off with pain killers. Then the dreaded cervical epidural injections were recommended before the possibility of surgery.  Not what I was looking for. I think Western medicine is good but it would be so much better if they incorporated some  Eastern modalities as well. Not only did my neck never really get any better, but, my lower back started getting so bad that I could hardly stand up straight. By late October the tingling and numbness in my hands had gotten really bad. In early November I started seeing Dr. Ackerman. After doing the initial evaluation he insisted on me taking an X-ray. Intuitively, yes I said intuitively, feeling that there was more going on in my neck than bulging discs. The X-rays came back showing a fracture and instability in the cervical area! Injuries that that nobody else had seen. Within a week worth of adjustments, emotional and stress release work, I started to see pain relief.  About four weeks into treatment I am soooo much better. The relief from pain and discomfort was amazing. I am confident  that I will only continue to improve. Dr. Ackerman not only uses his extensive scientific knowledge of his profession, but couples it with his uncanny ability of intuition. Here is a person who can combine Western and Eastern modalities for healing. He genuinely cares about the people he treats. His fees are set to where his services can be obtainable to anyone. Thank you, Dr. Ackerman for all you've done and are doing."

                                          Sylvia Lomblot, School Teacher, San Diego, CA


I have seen countless chiropractors, bodyworkers, and healers of all stripes over the past twenty years, and Dr Ackerman comes with my highest recommendation. I was in incredible pain in my left shoulder, essentially incapacitated. I went to see Dr Ackerman, and in ONE 1-hour session the pain was gone. It is now almost a week later, and the pain has not come back. And unlike many chiropractors who seem to want to rope you in to see them more and more, Dr Ackerman's response was: if you aren't in pain any longer, than as far as I'm concerned you don't need to come back. That's integrity and true caring. My highest recommendation...

                                                 Gregory D., Life Coach, Escondido, CA


"Thank you for working with me today and encouraging me to break through my resistance and release my fears and blocked emotions .  I felt much lighter and detached to the outcome of my circumstances today and attribute it to your work and patience in remaining persistent to the process! Thank you for your divine direction , my world is much more blessed and less stressed as a result of it! - Thank you again , Maureen"

                                                Maureen Ayyad, Real Estate Manager, San Diego, CA


"I came to Dr Ackerman with intense lower back pain three days before my 20 mile marathon swim across the Catalina Channel. On the days prior to the swim, I had also been under some pressure as I was having some difficulty securing kayak and crew support. As I walked into the consultation room with just a back problem, I was surprised when Dr. Ackerman asked me whether I was under a lot of pressure. His ability to tune into the tension I was feeling then surprised me, I immediately reached for the box of tissues, shed a few tense tears, and then I was able to relax, feeling confident that I was in very capable hands. With the up most professional care, he proceeded to check and unlock vertebra by vertebra on my back, thoroughly checking and rechecking after each adjustment. I was surprised he was so meticulous as I wasn't used to this level of treatment from other therapists I have seen in the UK and in Spain. After having undergone shoulder surgery ten months prior, I was reluctant to let Dr. Ackerman treat my shoulder as well. Normally, improvements on my shoulder after being treated by other therapists had been slow and marginal. However, Dr. Ackerman was able to release all the knots on the muscles surrounding my shoulder with ease with a technique called active release. Muscle knots were stretched into full length to relieve pain, which translated into immediate gains into the range of mobility in the joint. Dr. Ackerman was able to restore my back and my shoulder to almost peak condition in ust three treatments, and I was able to complete my marathon swim with almost no pain on my back, and only  a slight knot on my shoulder which quickly went away. I believe his treatments were crucial to the success of my swim. His radiating energy also helped me to dissipate any last minute fears, doubts, and the lack of confidence that injury can bring to an athlete's mind. I only wish I could continue being treated by Dr. Ackerman or that I could find someone in the UK as professional and thorough in his approach to treating patients."
                                           Laura Lopez-Bonilla, International Marathon Swimmer,
                                           (Twice Swam the English Channel), London, UK


I've been seeing Dr. Ackerman for a little over a year now and I feel like I've completely changed for the better.

He started off as my chiropractor, but his experience in emotional healing was able to help me out during some rough areas of my life. I started off as a gamer with posture problems. Dr. Ackerman also found that I had part of a short leg, and provided me the information to find a leg lift and shoes that would put less pain on my lower back.

He has a payment plan that has helped me out through financial worries, and he can always be found or contacted once you have his number. I've been to many chiropractors and he is without a doubt the best. Thank you, Dr. Ackerman.

                                                        Steven Stern, Journalism Student, SDSU


I feel both lucky and blessed when I think back to the day first walked through Dr. Ackerman's door. After dealing with an unknown illness involving symptoms such as extreme chronic fatigue as well as sciatica and having seen numerous doctors of all types and specialties without any hint improvement for almost over 2 years, I finally gave in to my husband's suggestion to see I chiropractor. Amen! Words cannot describe my extreme gratitude for having listened to his suggestion (ha! my husband doesn't let me live that down) and also for finding Dr. Ackerman.

I was drawn to Dr. Ackerman in that, in my opinion, he is a perfect balance of Eastern and Western healing and philosophy. He has a deep devotion for his practice and his clients, and his prices as well as payment options make him comparable to a saint, especially in comparison to other chiropractors in and around the area. He truly is a healer.

After the very first session, I immediately began to feel better and my fatigue was fading. Also after the first session and some must needed x-rays, it was discovered that I was suffering from an uncommon spinal disorder in my lower back that usually requires a surgical procedure to correct (the culprit behind my sciatic and discomfort).

1.5 months later, I am happy to say that my lower back and overall state of being has improved 100 fold. There is no more pain, and my spine has been corrected without need for surgery. The amazement and appreciation I have for Dr. Ackerman is beyond measure and I highly recommend him to my friends, loved ones and to you.

                                                                    Kristin Thayer, San Diego, CA


I am so happy to write a review for Dr. Michael. Anyone seeking chiropractic work would be extremely pleased with his work. I have seen him on multiple occasions when I have been in pain and have walked away without any discomfort. But what sets him apart from other practitioners is his astonishing level of intuition and how far he can take a patient into healing emotional trauma. His work in that regard is remarkable. I highly recommend his treatments!

                                                                    K. Yoo, Attorney At Law, Los Angeles, CA